ENW Timepieces


How to handles the wristwatch with cares!

Avoiding damaging to the watch.

1.   “DO NOT”hot shower, bathing, sauna, or environment with big changes of temperature when wearing the watch (including waterproof watch).

2.      “DO NOT”adjust the watch “turning the crown” in the water

3.      Please clean the wristband, case, periodically (if its leather band) avoid moisture, touching any chemicals, daily wearing makeups and exposure by the sun or heats.

4.      Avoid anti-magnetic products, long timing working or near any electronic products, cell-phone (mobile phones) and magnetics.

5.      “DO NOT”drop or hit the watch.

6.      “DO NOT”adjust the date in between 10” to 2”clock timing, it will damage the date and making the date not jumping accurately.

7.      If adjusting the time“DO NOT”turn the clock counter wise “backward” , please adjusting it by clockwise gently!


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